Thermocycler System

The abCycler is a thermal cycler intended for nucleic acid amplification through reliable and accurate Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). With its precise temperature controls and rapid temperature ramping, it proves to be valuable in different scientific applications, including the vast field of molecular biology, genetic analysis, medical and even forensic science. With a built-in software, it operates as a standalone system thus saving space and energy at the same time.

abCycler Thermocycler System

  • Affordable: Get more performance for less
  • Small footprint: Save lab space without sacrificing results
  • Easy operation: Simple and intuitive graphic programming
  • Flexible: Accommodate a wide variety of PCR consumables


Catalogue no.

Sample capacity

Tube type


Reaction volume

Temperature range

Heating technology of the block

Max. heating rate

Max. cooling rate

Block temperature accuracy

Block homogeneity

20- 72°C


Gradient range

Gradient block

Gradient temperature range

Lid temperature range
(Heated lid)

Special temperature protocol

Control modes

Power failure protection

Communication port

Dimension (W x D x H)

Net weight

Power usage

Power consumption

Working environment



12 x 0.2ml 8-tube PCR strips/ 96 x 0.2ml PCR tubes/ 1 PCR plate 8×12 (No skirt/ Semi skirt/ Full skirt)

Clear, White, Frosted


Up to 100µl

0- 100°C

Peltier element

5.5°C/ sec

4.5°C/ sec

± 0.2°C

± 0.2°C

± 0.3°C

1- 40°C

12 columns

35- 100°C

Enabled: 40- 110°C
Disabled: Room temperature to 110°C

Standard mode, Gradient PCR mode, Long PCR mode, Touchdown PCR mode

  • 7″ LCD touch screen
  • Standalone system

Continue with experience after power supply resumes

1 ethernet and 1 USB

260mm x 400mm x 260mm


AC 100- 240V, 50/ 60Hz


Temperature: 15- 35°C
Humidity: 20- 70%