Real-time PCR System

This small sized and light weight instrument has a built-in high quality peltier element to prevent any edge effect. It’s a one step start to your PCR experiments.

  • Small sized and light weight
  • Powerful, it can be used for relative quantification and absolute quantification
  • Built-in 7″ intuitive touch screen
  • Compatible with most 0.2ml 8-tube PCR strips and 0.2ml single PCR tubes
  • Built-in high quality peltier element maintains a uniform heating temperature control throughout the reaction block, preventing any edge effect
  • One step start your PCR experiments


Catalogue no.

Sample capacity

Sample volume

Temperature range

Temperature accuracy

Temperature uniformity

Operating temperature

Light source


Excitation and detection of a propagation medium

Sample linear range

Sample linearity

Channels & wavelength

Operation relative humidity

Transport and storage temperature

Transport and storage relative humidity

Operating temperature



Power supply

Noise level



16 x 0.2ml PCR tubes/ 2 x 0.2ml 8-tube PCR strips

25– 120µl

4– 99°C

≤ 0.5°C

≤ ± 0.25°C

15– 30°C

High-brightness LED


High temperature specialty optical fiber

10– 1010 copies

R ≥ 0.99

  • 465/ 510 (FAM, SYBR Green I, SYTO9, EvaGreen, LCGreen)
  • 527/ 563 (HEX, VIC, TET, JOE)
  • 580/ 616 (ROX, Texas Red)

≤ 85%

-20– 55°C

≤ 85%

15– 30°C

320mm x 250mm x 177mm


220V, 50Hz, 240W